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Monthly Report April 2023

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April showers bring unique flowers! We’ve introduced a Deal Flow bot on Telegram, which will make it easier for our users to achieve their investment and fundraising goals. We are also proud to have reached an important milestone — the first $1 million raised in funds through our platform! But that’s not all — read on to find out more about what we’ve been up to over the past month.

In our previous reports, we announced that investors can subscribe to a deal flow directly from our community of startup founders, VCs, and investment syndicates. To make this process even more convenient, we have launched a Deal Flow bot on Telegram. Simply enter your investing preferences on our platform — whether you’d like to invest in tokens, company equity, or both — and select your desired startup industry verticals and development stages. You’ll also need to provide your contact details, including your Telegram handle.

Using the Deal Flow bot is easy. Just launch it using the same Telegram account you provided in the subscription form, and you’ll receive notifications about startup fundraising pitches that match your preferences, along with a link to more details about the project. Importantly, there is no pressure to invest in a particular project — you’ll just receive the pitch feed according to your thesis and it’s entirely up to you whether you’ll engage or not.

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The First $1M in Managed Investments

In April, the platform reached another significant milestone — our investment syndicates have managed over $1 million in total investments through our platform. We’re immensely grateful to our community for their support. This inspires us to push the boundaries even further.

The First $1M in Managed Investments - Illustration

Meeting Syndicates’ Legal and Incorporation Needs

Through our work with a number of syndicates, we’ve identified their pain points related to incorporation and the legal framework. To address this, we have partnered with top blockchain legal services firms to create a framework that can accommodate legal and incorporation needs of most syndicates. Depending on where members are based, the goals of the syndicate, and other parameters, we aim to provide a robust, comprehensive, and cost-efficient set of options for setting up an investment syndicate.

New App Version on the Way

Our developers and UI designers are currently working on a new version of our app to provide the easiest way to invest and raise funds, as well as a seamless user experience for angel investors, venture capitalists, syndicate investors, and startup founders. We’re constantly working on adding new exciting features, so stay tuned! app screenshot

Join us and reap the benefits of blockchain-powered investing and fundraising. Thank you for your support!

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