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Monthly Report March 2023

Monthly Report March 2023 - Featured Image


The last month was a ride for our team. We upgraded our website and gave it a much-needed facelift. We unveiled a sleek design that will leave you feeling impressed. But that’s not all — we also submitted our brainchild, Unique Chain Traits, to the Solana Grizzlython Hackathon. This open-source tool was created to help NFT creators by putting more power in their hands, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

A Completely Revamped Website

We made another important step on our mission of providing all the necessary means for web3 collective investing. A completely revamped website is now live, with a brand new user interface that allows angel investors, fund managers and startup founders to navigate to their goals more easily.

New set of categories has been introduced that cater to individual angels, VC funds, and investment syndicates. Regardless of your choice and investing approach, you’ll enjoy maximum safety and control of your assets, as well as lightning-fast fund transfers. Website Screenshot

One of the key advantages of our platform is the significant reduction in time spent on collective investment processes, including administration and compliance. Compared to traditional web2 or offline procedures, we save up to 98% of your valuable time. Everything is being managed from a single dashboard that actually serves as a comprehensive backoffice.

If you’re a Fund Manager, you can easily create or onboard your existing investment syndicate or VC fund on our platform. We also offer custom, tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. Deal Flow

By entering information about your investing goals, you can subscribe to a deal flow provided by’s community.

With just a few clicks, you can select whether you prefer to participate as an angel investor, syndicate member, or limited partner of a VC fund. You can also choose to invest in tokens, equity, or both, and provide your contact information. Finally, select the desired startup industries and development stages, and you’re all set. You’ll then receive exclusive data and insights directly from our user community.

Additionally, there’s a separate section on the website dedicated to startup founders, easily accessible from the homepage. They can invite investors and create a fundraising round in a matter of minutes.

All in all, the interface is now way more user friendly and easily navigable. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog and comprehensive learning center, with educational guides to help you navigate the world of collective investing.

Unleash Your NFTs with Unique Chain Traits

It was a pleasure to participate in the Grizzlython, the online hackathon for the Solana ecosystem and community, and showcase one of our latest creations — Unique Chain Traits. It’s an open-source tool designed to make life easier for NFT creators everywhere.

Most NFT collections rely on off-chain storage for their trait data, which poses challenges for decentralization and accessibility. But with UCT, you can store all of your collection’s trait data on-chain and manage them with ease.

Whether you want to change certain NFT traits or remove others, UCT gives you full control over your collection. And with traits on-chain, you can take advantage of new opportunities like gating access and trading traits directly. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg — ticketing systems and other NFT applications could benefit from UCT too.

We invite everyone to contribute, integrate, and build with Unique Chain Traits. Get ready to take your NFT game to the next level!

Unique Chain Traits

New Developments on the Horizon

Last but certainly not least, our team of talented developers is putting the final touches on a suite of cutting-edge features for web3 angel investors, VC and syndicate fund managers, and startup founders alike. Stay tuned as we will reveal everything very soon!

Our other teams have been equally busy forging exciting new partnerships. We’re more than glad to see a growing interest in our platform, with an increasing number of investors coming aboard every day.

Looking for a smarter, safer, and faster way to invest? Join us and experience the benefits of blockchain-powered investing firsthand!

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