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What Drives the Global Crypto Adoption?

What Drives the Global Crypto Adoption? - Featured Image

Truth being told, crypto adoption showed promising development right from the start, with the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. People picked up on the digital gold and it didn’t take long for the asset to show promising, financial disrupting potential.

But looking back, cryptocurrencies and digital assets had some important moments of expansion. The most recent evolution is happening as we speak – the development of collective investment clubs. Let’s get familiar with the journey and find out what drives global crypto adoption.

The Journey of Crypto Adoption

Since the invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, we can outline several single events that can be considered major stepping stones in the evolution and adoption of crypto and blockchain:

  • Ethereum Foundation – With the creation of the Ethereum blockchain in 2013, Vitalik Buterin and the team paved the way for large-scale decentralization and the wide-spread development of various dApps.
  • Altcoins Adoption – The above mentioned point facilitated the adoption of many altcoins in the following years. More blockchain networks came to life, fueling the expansion of DeFi and innovative financial services and crypto products.
  • PayPal and Other Financial Giants Accept Crypto – Around 2020 and beyond, PayPal, among other financial giants like Citibank 2020, JP Morgan started accepting cryptocurrency operations and /or started investing in blockchain companies.
  • Web3 Investment Clubs – Today, we can say that the most recent wave of innovation driving the global crypto adoption is in the form of a new type of investment – collective, on-chain venture clubs, where members can operate with a greater financial competence.

Currently, social investment brings a better, democratic and transparent financial medium that is flexible and performant enough to serve its members according to their own interest. Investing collectively within a dApp comes with many benefits that can not be found with more traditional forms of investment. Let’s have a look at how Web3 investment is breaking new ground and drives the crypto adoption forward.

Traditional vs. Web3 Investment

Investment was not always as accessible as it is today. As a matter of fact, until recently, investment was a practice available only to some people, and it implied stiff and slow procedures. 

Investing on your own via a traditional hedge fund or banking investment will return small margins even in the most profitable years. This can work for capital giants who move billions through the markets every year, but what about the independent investor? 

The Wall-Street investment medium is not an inclusive landscape where everybody has equal access. It favors large hedge funds and legacy banking instead. Also, investing in the stock market usually becomes a considerably long-term game.

Today, in the wake of global adoption, Web3 investment drives crypto forward with the new on-chain dApps that are more inclusive and accessible for collective investment. People are starting to understand that grouping and pooling funds gives them new strengths and a better performance overall, as they venture for crypto, NFTs and other digital assets.

Blockchain Investment Clubs, DAOs & Gaming Guilds

So how is digital investment better? Decentralized applications like the Solana-based enable people to quickly and securely pool resources together, establish tailored on-chain governance structures and collectively manage assets in a regulatory-compliant manner.

Digital investment steps into a democratic age where asset management is self-governed by the community. You can join or found an investment club easily and get involved with something that represents you: a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), an NFTs collectors club, a syndicate, a VC fund or perhaps a gaming guild, all in the form of an on-chain entity.

Platforms like are an evolution of how individuals can connect and organize around a common goal, handle relationships and manage assets in a trustless way. Why? Because of the multiple tools and innovations that investors can leverage for their own profit:

  • On-Chain Encrypted Governance & Voting – Decisions and changes in the investment club take place democratically, through a blockchain-based voting process that can not be scammed. Also – clubs come with role,  NFT or deposit-based governance models.
  • Security & Safety – All processes take place on-chain, benefiting from the high security of decentralized ledger networks. Moreover, dApps like are one of the few regulated and fully compliant networks.
  • Transparency in Fund Management – The MultiSig wallet used by platform offers a transparent and trusted treasury and asset management. Pooled resources are used to trade assets based on a collective decision-making process.

To get more familiar with DAOs and their huge financial potential, read about DAOs and the Economic Disruption.

Why Social Investing?

Investing on your own can work great if you have decades of experience and millions in capital. However, for the individual investor who starts his journey into crypto, NFTs and Web3, social investment platforms and collective investment clubs are a better way forward. 

Joining or founding a digital investment club will allow you to quickly pool resources and – equally important – knowledge. This will allow you to invest in more valuable assets than you would normally choose on your own. Assets can be managed collectively and clubs can be organized in self-governing structures based on the predesigned governance models. Also, acting within a collective gives you better chances to mitigate risk, losses and other unfavorable situations. 

For a fact, collective investment is not something new. The first modern investment funds were established quite a long time ago, in the Netherlands — after the financial crisis of 1772–1773. Read more about the history of investment funds.

Unique Venture Clubs – Democratizing Investment

In all honesty, you could say there was never a better time for investment. On platforms like Uniquevc, Web3 communities can easily gather around a common goal, vision and interest, and act in a democratic and efficient way. Investment is changing and it is changing the whole crypto and financial world, leaving behind century-old investment practices for a more agile financial competence.

History teaches us that before most major leaps forward, there was a period of regression, a bear market or even a financial crisis, and high inflation. While the markets are currently testing their bottoms, this bear market offers opportunities for the period to come. Low prices favor acquisition. Some voices in the industry are claiming that this could potentially be the last bear market before global crypto adoption. 

The next ten years will be critical and financial disruption will make way for better crypto and investment products. FutureFi comes in the form of on-chain investment clubs, crypto, NFTs and decentralized finance. How are you taking advantage of this financial revolution? Will you be founding or joining an investment vehicle this year? 

Start venturing for assets that are building the framework of tomorrow and are becoming an essential part of what finance will look like. Partner up with players who are pushing forward the new technology, innovation, and better practices for every user. Join a collective blockchain investment structure with today and start your journey in the most exciting financial shift of our times.

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