Investing In NFTs With Your Friends

Investing In NFTs With Your Friends - Featured Image

Buying and selling NFTs is rapidly gaining traction, fueling the expansion of huge economies in Web3 and the Metaverse. After the massive boom from last year, non-fungible assets are slowly going mainstream, offering new opportunities for beginners and pro investors.

Before we dive into the world of non-fungible tokens, let’s remind everyone what it means. An NFT is a blockchain-encrypted record which is associated with a particular digital or physical asset. This encryption offers you undisputed ownership over that asset and makes it transferable and tradable. Anybody can easily create NFTs on-chain with little or no code requirements.

Representing specific virtual or real assets, these tokens are non-fungible – meaning they are not interchangeable for other assets. On the contrary, real fiat currency bills as well as cryptocurrency coins and tokens are fungible. This is because a dollar bill will always be the same as any other dollar bill. 

But the world of NFTs is definitely deeper and more spectacular than fiat currency. This is only one of the reasons why it can potentially become a much better investment. To start with, investing in NFTs gives you much more freedom than traditional investments. You can venture for exactly what you are looking for, not being bound to the rigors of commodities such as oil, gold or the stock exchange.

Most NFTs are audio or visual artworks. But non-fungible items are also at the core of the Metaverse and Web3 economy. For instance, a certain “Land” (virtual real estate) can potentially be worth a lot of real money on platforms like Decentraland or Sandbox. More and more people become skilled at monetizing this environment. Will you be one of them?

Social Investment In NFTs

Social investing is not something new. Actually, pooling funds in order to access bigger and better opportunities first started hundreds of years ago in the Netherlands. Investing in NFTs with your friends can bring a series of advantages. First, more investors means more knowledge and a better mitigation of both risk and opportunity. It’s always a good idea to debate and choose the best options together.

When those “friends” are actually an entire community of tens or hundreds of members, you have a very lucrative investment medium that can make some powerful moves. Second, investing together means you can buy more expensive assets that would otherwise be out of reach for a single individual.

When it comes to NFTs, Ethereum is an established blockchain that hosts over 28.000 collections. But the Solana network has quickly become a favorite of the entire NFT community. The low gas fees, as well as a lower carbon footprint than Ethereum and faster transaction speed, are making Solana the second largest decentralized network for NFTs. This is an obvious choice if you and your friends are looking to trade non-fungible assets. 

Choosing the right marketplace is very important so you might want to keep several things in mind. You and your investment collective need to look for an environment that puts transparency at the forefront. A good NFT marketplace provides buyers with thorough information on the number of NFTs available on each project. The price, number of buys and sells, holders and trading history are also paramount. Only get involved if this data is accurately available.

Next, you need to find a platform which you can effectively use for investing and trading. On platforms like the Solana-based, you and your friends can leverage your investment with ease, benefiting from on-chain governance tools. A key aspect is that the whole process is secure and in one platform, offering an all-in-one solution for your collective Web3 venture. From proposing an investment, all the way to voting and executing, the process is smooth, fast and can be entirely customized so that it serves your purpose.

Buying And Selling NFTs

So you and your buddies are all set-up and ready to go. What NFTs should you invest in? This is a decision that only you can make. Use your expertise, collectively and individually, to research the market and come up with the most promising projects. Don’t buy into the hype easily, but keep in mind that some hyped up projects became very valuable NFT investments. 

Obviously, like any form of investment, NFTs carry a certain degree of risk. Here are some potentially good ideas to keep in mind when investing in non-fungible assets:

  • Choose something you understand and you follow. Don’t jump ship just because you see some excitement surrounding a certain project but know nothing about it.
  • A good investment may carry some degree of cultural, artistic and/or social influence. 
  • Others might be pure fictional artworks.
  • Some NFTs are key assets in certain Metaverse economies like Axie Infinity or Decentraland.

It’s easy to see how NFTs cover so many layers. For instance, the “Censored” NFT collection that was created to raise awareness for Julian Assange was one of the most rapidly evolving and successful projects. Of course – it was tied to the real case scenario. But there are also highly successful projects like the “Stoned Ape Crew” on the Solana network that are purely fictional. Each of the 4200 assets is a wonderful hand-drawn NFT art piece, making the compilation any collector’s dream. 

When it comes to the Metaverse, particular characters or in-game tools are worth a lot of money when sold as NFTs. Why would somebody pay a lot of cash for such things? Simply said, because these assets have an essential role in the game platform itself. Members who hold these NFTs can use them to earn more real money from various play-to-earn games.

The Journey of NFT Investment

By now, you are probably more familiar with NFTs and social investment, NFT art and how to buy non-fungible tokens. The journey of NFT investment only now truly begins, but there is already so much opportunity floating around. Needless to say, it is a fast-moving world and exciting things are always happening. It’s important to stay connected and up to date with the latest trends and news. We invite you to sync up with Twitter account just so that you can find out about all novelties in a timely manner. Also, we encourage you to never stop learning. This way you will have an edge that can potentially mean the right investment and profit. 

Buying and selling NFTs will change investment forever. Currently, there are only a few more exciting and promising opportunities than the non-fungible world and crypto. What NFT collection will you and your friends be buying this year? Find out how DAOs are making money so you can start benefiting yourself. Join’s Discord and Telegram channels for inspiration, knowledge, and fruitful discussions with like-minded people. 

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