Unique.vc: The Future of Web3 Investing and Fundraising is Here!

The Future of Web3 Investing and Fundraising is Here - Featured Image

From the outset, our mission has been to provide cutting-edge infrastructure powered by blockchain technology to empower web3 startups and investors. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a fully revamped platform that bridges the gap between traditional investment structures and web3. We have expanded our services to meet the needs of a […]

Monthly Report February 2023

Unique.vc February Monthly Report - Featured Image

February might have flown by, but we have been thinking long-term during the shortest month of the year. And boy, do we have some BIG things coming up! The Unique.vc team is thrilled to present you with Unique Delegation Manager (UDM), a game-changing protocol that takes Web3 safety and user experience to a whole new […]

Unique Delegation Manager: Empower Users. Delegate Access.

Unique Delegation Manager UDM - Featured Image

One of the core problems that the web3 industry is facing is a constant compromise between user experience and self-custody. Ensuring security is critical, but without a user-friendly experience, it will be difficult to attract the next billion users. This is where UDM comes in, supporting a frictionless and more secure user experience for all […]