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A New Age for Investment

A New Age for Investment - Featured Image

Talking about investment during a bear market… Is that an adequate thing to do? A lot of people only feel confident in investing when the markets are at peak. They will acquire stocks, crypto or other digital assets when they are booming, expecting them to continue to go up forever. But then corrections come along the way, or even worse, a bear market like what we are witnessing now. The assets depreciate and after waiting for too long, inexperienced investors finally sell for a loss.

Bear markets are only scary for beginners and amateur investors. Experienced traders with years in the markets have gone through several bear markets and did so by taking advantage of them. In fact, in the last century there have been around 26 bear markets. Crypto was declared dead several times in the last ten years alone, but always bounced back stronger. Are you starting to see the pattern?

The truth is, markets always oscillate and the economy works in periodic cycles. No market or asset will continue to go up or down indefinitely. Bear markets come and go and they represent a favorable time for investment.

Why? Because you can buy assets at a much lower price. But you won’t hear any of this in the news. All things considered, a bear market is nothing to be taken lightly. Fortunately, investment today has made quantum leaps and with the advancement of Web3 and crypto, it is offering us never before seen opportunities in the form of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

A Unique Approach to Digital Investment

Nowadays, investment doesn’t have to be a solitary one man job. By joining a Venture Club, people can pool resources together and focus their efforts to access bigger investments by operating with better decision-making. Joining a Venture Club can be a fruitful form of passive income, just like investing in a hedge fund who manages to make profit year after year. But while hedge funds make small margins and require huge investments, joining a Venture Club is much more accessible and the crypto and Web3 space can offer bigger opportunities in shorter time frames. is a platform built on the Solana blockchain offering an accessible and secure way for individual investors to join successful investment syndicates and VC funds. By doing so, investors can take advantage of various clubs with a proven track record and make profit from their contribution to it. Just like a copy-trading system, but here you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of thousands of investors, not just one.

In all honesty, if you are relatively new to digital investment, the crypto landscape and Web3 space will take a while for anybody to understand. It takes years of experience to figure out where opportunity can be found and when is the right time to invest. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to access the huge potential of digital assets without having to become an expert first? This can be achieved by joining an on-chain Venture Club where a large number of investors are working together to trade assets and make profit. opens the way for anybody who wants to invest in crypto and back promising startups by offering a platform where you can join performant investment vehicles who have been making profit for a long time.

Experienced investors run these clubs and use the collective funds to their best knowledge to stay on top of the markets and make profits that are distributed to all members according to their contribution. This form of investment has become very popular nowadays, with some DAOs cumulating tens of thousands of members. In the fast moving Web3 and crypto space, one can get lost very quickly. But being part of a venture club can very much feel like a different experience.

Investing Is All About Timing & Partners

In the current bear market, it can be hard to see clearly and make good investment decisions on your own. You might be an expert in one field, like Bitcoin for example, but lack the knowledge needed for NFTs, altcoins, new technology, protocols, etc. By joining an investment vehicle on the dApp your investment can benefit from several factors:

  • Diversified portfolio — Investment Clubs usually have a mixed investment portfolio made up of various startups. By diversifying their portfolios, investors are bound to better face the consequences of the bear market because they don’t rely only on one category.
  • Strong investment partners — Most clubs are managed by investors with extensive experience in the markets. People who have been managing large funds for years and have made money. They do so by being surrounded by other experts who pool their knowledge together so that they make the best investment decisions.
  • Access bigger investments — Acting on your own means you only have access to investments that you can afford. By investing in a venture club, all money in the treasury can be used to access bigger investments that are out of reach for the individual trader.
  • Safe and secure investment medium — By being blockchain native, platform represents a safe investment space that protects clubs from hacks, malign asset manipulation and other liabilities.

Do You Have a Plan for the Current Bear Market?

A new age for investment is gaining traction. One where individual traders can benefit from the best investment clubs by contributing with funds and taking profits. It is quickly becoming one of the best forms of passive income that can outpace inflation and recession.

As the markets are currently testing their bottoms, smart investors gather in large numbers to pool resources in order to grow their investment stronger. Platforms like add a lot of agility and accessibility to how these clubs function and make profits. With the groundbreaking tools and technology provided, investment has never been more beneficial.

In the end — let us weigh in on what is happening out there. Sharp investors have learned not to get fearful when the markets are down. Because when they are down — a great opportunity for investing is shaping up. If you want to make some sense of what is currently happening, know this — crypto as a financial alternative came to life out of the 2008 financial collapse! At the same time, while the economic landscape was looking cold, companies like Facebook, Slack and Uber were just getting started.

What follows now is a new age for investment, where people no longer have to act on their own, but can take advantage of platforms like Unique .vc that are taking investment to a higher level. Choose your partners wisely at the right time, and the rest will mostly take care of itself!

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